What is Photovoice?


This project helps GPs to take, analyse and share photographs and other media that explore their mental health and other experiences in 'Lockdown.'

You can use any camera and upload images, video and text to a protected site where many will appear here. 

Together on the 'Zoom' platform we will share experiences, learn how photographs that reflect what we think and feel, make sense of them, and think about how to disseminate our work so that it has impact. 


Must be a GP (Essential), have spent time working in 'Lockdown,' (Essential), willing to take and upload images that describe their experience (Essential), have mental health problems precipitated by C-19 pandemic (Not-essential)

Zoom meeting format (5+ hours CPD)

Meeting No 1: Do you want to be involved?

Introducing the team - Overview - consent and confidentiality

Breakout groups to share experiences

Feedback from groups 

Essential knowledge: Taking better images - keep it simple - Uploading images, video and text

Meeting No 2: What did we create?


Breakout groups to reflect on own or other peoples images

Group reflections: What themes are in the images. Do they reflect our experience? What have we missed? What can I try next?

Essential Knowledge: Other ways to capture your experiences

Meeting No 3: Making sense.


Breakout groups to reflect on own or other peoples images

Group reflections: What themes are in the images. 

Where to next? Disseminating our story


This started with photographing my own experiences of GP working when struggling to cope. Working in lockdown was not a good experience for me. I was also aware that like myself other GPs working away from the practice were isolated, overlooked and struggling. I wanted to investigate those experiences.

Dame Clare Gerada is chair of Doctors in Distress and Medical Director of NHS Practitioner Health, comments today (28/10/2020) in GP magazine';

"I am only too aware of the toll the pandemic has had on the mental health of doctors, which was a concern even before this plague began.

...the impact of COVID must surely be contributing to the increase in numbers of doctors presenting for help compared to pre-pandemic levels - from around 60 per week to now regularly over 100...the rise is across all specialities, though proportionally GPs now make up a bigger percentage of the overall case load – up from around 50% to nearly 60% of all new presentations.

About Us

Morris Gallagher is a GP in South Shields. He is interested in research, pain management, substance misuse recovery and visualising doctors. In his photo degree (Open College of the Arts) he is examining how doctors are represented in visual media; his work is at the 'edges' of health and social care. 




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