Consent to join to participate in the project

This consent form should be read alongside the project ethical statement. There are two parts: consenting to being part of the project and releasing your images for exhibition or publication.


·      To express your views and experiences online and during the group sessions

·      To be supported by the group members and facilitators

·      To choose the photographs, video or text that you would like to display to the public

·      To change your mind about displaying your photographs, unless already submitted for printing or exhibition


·      We will do our best to start the sessions on time and respond to emails from the project in a timely manner

·      Let us know if you cannot attend a group meeting

·      Treat your peers with respect – avoid ‘put downs’ or criticism

·      Everyone has something important to contribute – leave space for others to speak

·      Ask people if they want to appear in any of your submission or newly taken photographs

`I agree to the above rights and responsibilities as a participant of the `GP Photovoice, and to support the goals and values of the GP Photovoice program during my involvement.’

My Name 






If you change your mind at any time, please contact the GP Photovoice group facilitator. 

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